40FT Expandable House to Live in. prefab Tiny Home with Balcony. Complete washroom, 2 bedrooms, 1 Wardrobe, 1 Kitchen with Cabins prefab House, Portable Home Tiny House. Container House. Mobile House

40FT Expandable House to Live in. prefab Tiny Home with Balcony. Complete washroom, 2 bedrooms, 1 Wardrobe, 1 Kitchen with Cabins prefab House, Portable Home Tiny House. Container House. Mobile House

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  • - Bedroom: Our 40FT tiny home is furnished with 2 bedrooms and a spacious wardrobe, perfect for storing your belongings in this cozy portable house.
  • - Terrace or Balcony: Our inviting outdoor space, reminiscent of our cozy tiny house or prefab house, provides the ideal setting for outdoor relaxation surrounded by nature's beauty.
  • - Washroom: Features water heater, washbasins, and cabinets underneath, along with a separate toilet and shower area enclosed with a glass partition, offering the convenience of our cozy folding house with bathroom.
  • - Kitchen: Comes complete with cabinets and a sink for functionality. Utilize overhead wall-mounted cabinets for added storage, enhancing the efficiency of your space for foldable house or prefab homes.
  • - Mobile and Foldable Design: This house, with its mobile and foldable features, ensures convenient transport and installation anywhere, embodying versatility and practicality akin to our cozy tiny houses or prefab home.
  • Additional Features: Entrance Door: french style entrance door with a sliding window houses prefab . Roof: Color steel tile roof for durability and aesthetics. Wall Construction: Walls are made of 50mm thick EPS board sandwich panel for insulation of prefab tiny house.. Connecting Parts: Aluminum steel plate connecting parts for stability. Windows: Alloy steel stainless steel double-layer glass windows for durability and insulation. Waterproof Roof: Ensures protection from the elements.

model number: LH2

Details: Product Name: 40FT prefab portable House

Layout Inside the tiny home: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bathroom with private shower area

Main Usage: Tiny House to live in for adults, such as a small family

The Tiny House Basic Information:
- House Area: 800 sqft

- External Dimensions: L480 in x W240 in x H99.6 in

- Weight: 9700 lb

- Frame construction: Black galvanized steel square tube frame.

- Wall Panels/Roof: Exterior made of wood-grained galvanized steel, interior are white galvanized steel, with 50cm thickness of flame-retardant foam board in between.

- Doors: Includes 1 entrance door and 2 bedroom doors. The entrance door features a black broken bridge aluminum KFC-style door, while other doors come with standard factory configurations, all equipped with locks.

- Windows: 8 windows in total (including a small one for the bathroom), all made of broken bridge aluminum, in black external suspended style with built-in mosquito screens.

- Flooring: Made with 18mm thick cement-fiber boards, topped with 2mm thick PVC material flooring in a light wood grain pattern.

- Bathroom: Pre-installed bathroom with dry-wet separation. Wet area includes a marble shower stall with a silent exhaust fan. Dry area comprises a water heater, toilet, hot and cold water faucet, a sink with storage cabinet, and a mirror.

- Kitchen: Includes a set of white L-shaped cabinets with a white sintered stone material countertop, and a sink.

- Electrical Configuration: The electrical setup complies with US standards and includes 1 distribution box, 6 lights, 4 switches, 16 sockets, and 3 air conditioning sockets, with all sockets mounted at a height of 450mm from the floor.

- Shipping: The house will be sent via sea freight from our factory to the US port and delivered to your specified location via truck.

- Receiving Location: Please plan for a location that is big enough and flat. Arrange for appropriate unloading machinery.

- Installation Assistance: Please arrange for 3-4 people to assist with the installation.


How do they hook up to utilities ? Are there blue prints available?

Yes, we can provide detailed blueprints that include the layout and instructions for hooking up utilities.

What is the material of the house made of?
The house is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum.

Is it made for sunny days? Miami is really really hot?
Yes, it is designed for all 5 seasons, including very hot weather. The 75mm wall boards provide excellent insulation.

Is it resistant for hurricanes? When it rains?
For best stability in hurricane-like heavy weather, we recommend putting concrete on the sides. But in sever conditions it is always recommended to get somewhere safe. It is waterproof, so you can enjoy the rain without worry.

Is air conditioning installed and included?
The house already includes a lot of equipment like a kitchen, washroom, and wardrobe, so it can't fold if we add more items. However, you can buy an air conditioner locally and install it. We have 3 sockets available for air conditioning.

How does the duct work for heating work?
You can install an HVAC system locally, and it will work well with our houses. A professional HVAC contractor can design and install the ductwork. They will ensure the ducts are properly integrated through the walls, attic, or under the floor, depending on the installer. Vents will be strategically placed in each room to ensure even distribution of heat. Our 75mm wall boards provide best insulation and will help in hot weather.

Feel free to ask any information or for any kind of customization.

Package Dimensions: 105.0 x 75.0 x 55.0 inches

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